On August 28th, "2019 China International corrugated Festival & amp; The China International Color Box Festival was officially opened. On the stand of A07-2, B6 Pavilion of Wuhan International Expo Center, Xinchuan Machinery took a stunning appearance with the material model unit!
Wonderful scene.

The conveyor belt of the loading machine adopts frequency converter to adjust speed, lift and flip with oil pressure control, and the operation process adopts photoelectric test PLC control, and can adapt to watermarking, offset printing, and pre-printing cardboard. Control methods: lifting and flipping with oil pressure system control; The side Pat and front baffle are adjusted by electric; Frequency converter, PLC program control: Siemens; Low voltage electrical appliances: Schneider.
The main drive system of the fully automatic die-cutting machine MWZ1450Q is upgraded and optimized, its working efficiency is high, its die-cutting accuracy is good, its machine is reliable, durable, its functions are comprehensive, its replacement time is short, its operation is convenient, and its safety performance is high. Convenient maintenance and testing, optimization of standards for knives and scrap plates, optimization of waste box structure, optimization of paper collection, more stable and reliable operation, smooth operation of the entire machine, working speed of 5,000 sheets per hour.